Round 1: Hampton Downs Done and Dusted

Round 1: Hampton Downs 11-13 February 2022

Well, what a weekend!
Everyone was so happy to be back on track that zones, wrist bands, masks, wind, rain, and a little grid confusion couldn’t wipe those smiles off people’s faces.
Our wounded soldier Mike Marsh is home after Sat night in hospital and is doing well.
Thanks to all of you and the officials who were checking on how Mike was getting on.
Such was the desire to race, that cars were trailered away and in some cases for rather large repairs, returning the next morning ready to go again, awesome stuff.
Our racing was excellent and again GTRNZ had the biggest field there, being the GT3/4 grid and what a spectacle you were on track.
The GT1/2 grid was a little small, so drivers please chase up your mates that were missing and let’s get them on the grid, we miss our regular drivers and their teams that were absent, come on you lot.         “Let’s Go Racing”
A big welcome to all the new drivers, #22 Keegan Hickson, #36 Chris Sharpe, #43 David Wood, #67 Declyn Goffin, #74 Todd Prujean, #80 Glen Mouat, #81 Dave Taylor and #164 David Whitburn, two people that were at the event crewing have signed up as members after they experienced the atmosphere, masks and all, welcome to Joshua Melrose and Steve Holmes.
Covid has shut down the BBQ/prizegiving at H/D and Puke, but it will be back at TAUPO, off the track grounds behind the sheds.
Rick, Terry, and Gavin got through the scrutineering of 44 cars, great job guys, thanks Terry and Gavin for making the trip from Taupo to help out on Fri morning.
Rick also being our new coordinator did a great job despite all the obstacles popping up and there were lots, especially the lack of times given to us for every lap in each race, so any mistakes re breakouts etc are in the past.
We are so lucky to have Kathy Jones with her multi-tasking skills, thank you Kathy.
I believe Terry ordered some Jewellery for Kathy for Valentines Day and a set of coil-overs turned up, damn scammers.
Thanks also to the roving lenses, Ian, and Keith.
Ian’s stills will be up on the Website/Facebook soon.
Keith is busy editing your in-car footage that was collected along with the livestream footage, so that is also coming soon.
Hopefully we see you at Pukekohe