GTRNZ gratefully acknowledges the generosity of these fantastic sponsors

TradeZone are our major sponsor and they invest a considerable sum into our club. Their contribution paid for the fantastic event caravan and they contribute the majority of the funding that fuels our now famous BBQ.

TradeZone sell many items that would be useful to any race team. They publish their best specials in their online brochure.

Please support Trade Zone at their many branches through out New Zealand.


Egmont Honey have recently come on board to sponsor our Group

Egmont Honey began from humble beginnings. A beehive may seem like an unusual present, but for committed conservationist Toby Annabell, it was perfect. Gifted by his son James back in 2008, this hive sparked a passion for authentic manuka honey and a thriving family business. Fast forward to today James, and the 50+ team, export to over 200 countries and territories around the world, proudly supplying global brands with Pure New Zealand Honey

Please support Egmont Honey at their online shop and through many health outlets throughout  New Zealand.