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All you need to know about racing with TradeZone GTRNZ

GTRNZ has four classes for the 2020-21 season - GT1, GT2, GT3 and GT4.

GT1 and GT2 run in one grid, GT3 and GT4 run in another. The race format is the same for each grid but points are calculated for each class… so, in a GT3/GT4 scratch race we would expect a GT3 car to win outright but we also recognise the fastest GT4 car in that race with full 1st place points. In the handicap races any car could win but the same principal applies. GT1/GT2 run 10-laps races whilst he GT3/GT4 grid runs over 8-laps.

Any car capable of going faster than the following times in the dry is:

GT1 class

  • Manfield:-  1’09.999 and under,
  • Taupo:- 1’32.999
  • Hampton Downs:- 1’07.999
  • Pukekohe:- 1’07.999

GT2 class

  • Manfield:-  1’10.000 and over
  • Taupo:- 1’33.000
  • Hampton Downs:- 1’08.000
  • Pukekohe:- 1’08.000

GT3 class

  • Manfield:-  1’15.000 and over
  • Taupo:- 1’39.000
  • Hampton Downs:- 1’13.000
  • Pukekohe:- 1’13.000

GT4 class

  • Manfield:-  1’18.000 and over
  • Taupo:- 1’43.000
  • Hampton Downs:- 1’16.000
  • Pukekohe:- 1’16.000

If you are unsure then enter a class using a “best guess” in your first round and after qualifying you may move back  a class with no penalty. This only applies THE FIRST TIME YOU RACE WITH US. If your car has been detuned and you believe that you should move to a slower class then please see your race co-ordinator.


Saturday has 10-15 minute qualifying in the morning followed by a scratch (fastest to slowest) standing start Race in the afternoon.


Sunday’s first Race is a handicap with a minus 1-lap calculation. The final race of the weekend is a handicap calculated on all race laps.

Points follow the normal format: 1st=75 points, 2nd=67, etc and are awarded for all races and qualifying for each class. This means that in a GT1/2 race the first GT1 car gets 75 points, the first GT2 car gets 75 points and so on regardless of their relative finishing position in the combined race.  100 appearance points are awarded per round for any competitor that completes documentation and moves onto the track during qualifying.


By joining the club and paying your entry fee you agree to the sponsorship arrangements put in place by the club. The sponsors give fantastic support to the club and in return, we agree to place stickers according to the series articles. You cannot opt-out of our sticker requirements.

The requirements for sticker placement are available on our series articles.


If you feel that your car has a rain light that is equal to or brighter than the current light listed in the Series Articles then you need to ask the Series Scruitineer to examine your light and make a decision about whether it is acceptable will be made. The scruitineers decision is final.,

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2021-2022 Season Dates

Membership Applications

Apply for membership for the 2021/2022 season by completing the PDF membership form and emailing to *Please note the family membership is for one driver only.