Round 2: Pukekohe Park, What an Awesome Weekend!

Round 2: Pukekohe 4-6 March 2022

Thanks to TradeZone and Racebrakes for their ongoing support.
Welcome aboard to our new members at Pukekohe.
#77 Josh Melrose          GT3          #90  Damian Firth           GT 4            #99 Kristina Dias     GT4
#130 Taylor Hurst          GT3          #181 Thomas Mallard     GT4    

Great weather was had every day,… luckily….
Thanks to all those members who came along and raced…. or at least tried to race.

Having the GT1/GT2, and GT3/GT4 classes split over the weekend was quite different, but it was lucky they were, as the delays for the race sheets being sent through, allowed us to calculate grids and was slow enough without having both grids jammed into 1 day.
An example, GT3/4 race result sheet was emailed to us at 15:24 to do the handicap calculations, where the cars were due to go out at 15:22, and we were asked why we weren’t ready on time.  “Hello”

GT3/4 were the biggest grid by far with 31 cars competing, thank you all for your patience due to the unnecessary pressure we were under. A real spectacle with excellent racing in all your races, and the handicapping was giving us some great finishes, thanks Rick.

Saturday evening saw the trading of places with the GT2 cars arriving as the GT3/4 teams were leaving.
It was a small grid but the GT2 cars like GT3 and GT4 put on an awesome show, thanks guys!


During a GT3/4 race we had a safety car,….”and there was time enough for a track crossing between some cars….,” come on don’t penalise the drivers behind you. 

14.2  Safety Car Deployment:
All the competing vehicles will line up in single file without any degree of overlapping behind the Safety Car. All vehicles shall maintain the same speed as the Safety Car whilst in the convoy and the same speed as the car in front. All drivers shall maintain a maximum distance of three(3) car lengths from the car in front. The Clerk of the Course may impose a penalty upon any driver who is considered to have gained an unfair advantage (inadvertently or not) from a breach of this regulation; and should a driver breach this regulation for the benefit of another, both may be penalised. Overtaking is forbidden, unless a vehicle is signaled to do so from the Safety Car.
14.3  End of Safety Car Deployment:
When the Clerk of the Course decides to call in the Safety Car it will turn off its flashing lights and return to pit lane. All weaving must stop, and Drivers must form a single file behind the Safety Car
The pole vehicle shall fall more than three(3) car lengths behind the Safety Car in order to avoid the likelihood of an accident before the Safety Car leaves the circuit.
The vehicle on pole position will maintain the speed until the signal to start is given.
No erratic acceleration or braking, nor any other manoeuvre likely to impede other competitors is permitted.
Drivers may break the single file requirement once the Safety Car Control Line has been passed.
Racing will recommence when the start signal (green light or flag) is displayed. All flag points are to withdraw their yellow flag and SC board or extinguish the light(s) of the signal light system.
See you at Taupo
“Lets Go Racing”