Round 2: Pukekohe

The second round of the 2020-21 TradeZone GTRNZ Series gets takes place at Pukekohe Park. Check back here for all the event info including live timing links, schedules and entry lists.




11:25AM GT3/GT4 Practice 1
12:05PM GT1/GT2 Practice 1
3:25PM GT3/GT4 Practice 2
4:05PM GT1/GT2 Practice 2


10:40AM GT3/GT4 Qualifying
11:20AM GT1/GT2 Qualifying
2:15PM GT3/GT4 Race 1
2:55PM GT1/GT2 Race 1


10:10AM GT3/GT4 Race 2
10:50PM GT1/GT2 Race 2
2:35PM GT3/GT4 Race 3
3:55PM GT1/GT2 Race 3

Entry List

A reminder to make sure all cars comply with the GTRNZ Sponsor sticker requirements.


10 B. Gray Maxda RX7
33 J. DeVeth Crawford
68 A. Newell Crawford
84 K. Jones Corvette
501 B. McDonald SuperTourer


9 B. Jesson Mitsi  Evolution
15 H. Gare Leyland Mini
16 P. Begovich Commodore
17 S. Whitley Ford Falcon
23 N. Snow Synergy 86
24 M. Shapley Monaro
35 N. Strachen Mazda RX
43 B. Phillips Howe Mustang
48 N. Jones Nissan 180SX
52 S. Parsons Honda Integra
57 E .HennephoF Supertourer
62 B. Sole Corvette
81 S. Robertson Porsche GT3
91 R. Jury Commodore
112 M. Towers MGBGTV8
116 B. Cooley Silvia S13
171 N. Karl Ford Falcon
619 Wagstaff Toyota MRS


19 L. Childs Lancer EVO 9
44 I. Knauf Toyota Corolla
46 J. Feck Toyota Corolla
49 A. Stewart Datsun 1200
55 N. James Nissan Skyline
76 S. Browne Ford Starcar
83 L. Hilhorst Corvette
92 J. Annabell Dodge Viper
93 M. Allan Firenza
98 A. vanderBerg Starcar
118 S. Whitley Falcon
123 J. Sharp Super Star Car
169 M. Todd Starcar
323 J. Webb Starcar


11 W. Bryant Starcar
12 R. Greenland Honda civic
14 J. Brash Star car
18 S. Elliott Lotus Elise
22 K. Varney Honda DC5
26 J. Wallace Star car
31 T. Dixon Vtec Mini
82 B. Hamilton Ford Capri
119 M. Marsh Cosworth Sierra
147 L. Kuriger Star car
173 D. Iceton Ford Falcon