Logan Childs inherits GT3/GT4 wins despite mechanical failure

Logan Childs has inherited the opening race of the TradeZone GT3/GT4 series at Pukekohe Park. Childs and Nick Jones duked it out for the majority of the race, trading positions almost every lap until Childs suffered an issue which caused him to slow dramatically on the back straight on the final lap.

Childs was still able to finish the race and hold onto second place but a post-race penalty for Jones saw Childs take the win. Richard Wagstaff would finish second following the penalty.

The battle for fourth place was hot between Shane Whitley and Garry Carswell. The pair traded blows until eventually, Whitley was able to grab ahold of fourth position and hold of Carswell until the chequered flag.

Sixth place behind Carswell was Luke Hilhorst, Jason Feck. Andrew Stewart. Brian Hamilton and Wayne Bryant. Hamilton and Bryant were the first cars in the GT4 class whilst GT3’s Tony Annabell took 11th after an off midway through the race. Louis Kuriger placed third in GT4 and 12th overall.

Robin Greenland, Nigel Karl, Hayden Gare and Layne Collier did not finish due to mechanical issues.