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GTRNZ is the home to some of the fastest race cars in New Zealand, with almost no rules and anything goes, no power limits, v8's, 6’s, 4’s, turbo's, rotary's, spaceframe transam's, ex Australian Supercar's and the best of New Zealand’s homebuilt racecars. GTRNZ is made up from three classes split only by speed, with the fastest two classes GT1 & GT2 running together (but for separate championships), so the action is fast and furious. The NZGT class is our largest grid which is made up of one of the most diverse group of production-type cars with slightly slower lap times than GT1 & GT2, but the action is always some of the closest racing seen anywhere.

2013-14 Champions:

NZGT Reece Killingback, GT2 Dave Geraghty, GT1 Glenn Smith

2012-13 Champions:

NZGT Brock Cooley, GT2 Ian Hayr, GT1 Glenn Smith


About our club

GT1 Champion: Glenn Smith

GT2 Champion: David Geraghty

NZGT Champion: Reece Killingback

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